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Press Kit for “Traveler’s French Cheat Sheet”

The upshot

Basics: “Traveler’s French Cheat Sheet” is an innovative new help for the 80% of English-speaking travelers who have no time to learn any European language. The book is coming out just in time for the 2024 travel season. The French volume is the first in a series. The unique design is patent-pending. Published by Applegate LLC.

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Designed and edited by John Boykin   |  View PDF of bio   |   Download PDF of bio

Paper & app: The book is available as both a paperback version and as a mobile app. Both have exactly the same content and design. Purchasers of the paperback can get the app free.   Request private code to keep app beyond 24-hour free trial |  Request free review copy of paperback  |   Buy paperback on Amazon   |  Mobile app version for Apple devices  |  Mobile app version for Android devices      

Reasons John felt travelers needed an entirely new kind of help:  Rationale

Book an interview with designer & editor John Boykin:

More about the Cheat Sheet

So what?



Miniature textbooks
Help tomorrow’s traveler prep for their upcoming trip
Try to teach you some French
Slow in the heat of the moment
Complicated topical structure
Must first guess which chapter they buried the needed term in
Hunt, fail, repeat
Quick reference tool
Help today’s traveler on the ground in Europe right now
Get you by without learning any French
Fast in the heat of the moment
Simple: just the alphabet
No guessing. “Bicycle” is under “B.” “Gare ferroviare” is under “G.”
No hunting: easy, intuitive

Images to download

photo of mobile app and paperback versions of cheat sheet

Download photo of paperback with mobile app

Close-up excerpt of the phrasebook

Download sample of listings 

Photo of John Boykin in front of a cafe in Paris

Download photo of John Boykin in front of Paris cafe

Photo of John Boykin in front of a cafe in Paris

Download photo of John Boykin in Paris square

Photo of John Boykin sitting beside the river Seine in Paris

Download photo of John Boykin beside river Seine in Paris

Baker helping a female traveler pick out a pastry

Download photo of French bakery scene, representing a typical communication scenario

Closeup of French and English headwords alternating

Download closeup of 6 listings showing how the book intermixes two glossaries (French-to-English and English-to-French)

Interview sampling

John has worked on a wide variety of projects, so these interviews represent a diversity of topics


Lean to the Left Podcast:  Short audio clip (2:30; whose vote counts and whose does not)    Full video       Full audio only

Freakonomics Radio:  Short clip (25 seconds)     My segment only (6 minutes)      Full episode with transcript (69 minutes)

American Academy of Diplomacy book award acceptance speech  (C-SPAN got my name wrong and misspelled the book title)

NPR’s “All Things Considered” radio commentary

Traveler’s French Cheat Sheet

This French/English product is the first in Applegate LLC’s series of Cheat Sheets in both paperback and mobile app form

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Designed & edited by John Boykin, Applegate LLC

© Copyright 2024 John Boykin, Applegate LLC. All rights reserved.

Product design is patent pending   

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