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"Traveler's French Cheat Sheet" is for travelers with no time to learn any French

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bakery scene


Quickly find whatever French or English word or phrase you need
Nothing to learn or figure out
Easy, intuitive glossary form

Avignon's medieval bridge with travelers on it (Pont Saint-Bénézet)

For travelers, not students

Quick reference tool,
not a miniature textbook
For the street corner on your trip,
not the armchair at home

Both paperback & mobile app versions

Same 3,300+ helpful words & phrases
Same simple design

Mobile app version free with paperback

photo of mobile app and paperback versions of cheat sheet

OK, so you haven’t learned any French

This French/English cheat sheet will get you by anyway without learning any now

ticket machine in French

No hunting

One single A-Z list for both English and French

So it’s blazingly fast in the heat of the moment

French in black, English in green (gray in the first print edition)

No embarrassing

All 3,300+ listings are written & edited by real human experts

Not robots

Screenshot of 3 listings for the word "light"

Proudly low-tech to be simple & reliable

Because your trip is no time for sexy tech to let you down

screenshot showing the French word "ca"


These refer to the Cheat Sheet by its prior name

Cartoon of Caesar
Caesar can't get no stinkin' volunteers
Mona Lisa talking
Mona Lisa frets about going to Paris
Napoleon being interviewed
Napoleon learns the Englich
Hand picking up a card in a usability test
Highlights from usability test comparing our prototype with an old-fashioned phrasebook

Buy the paperback on Amazon

Traveler’s French Cheat Sheet

This French/English product is the first in Applegate LLC’s series of Cheat Sheets in both paperback and mobile app form

Buy the paperback on Amazon

Designed & edited by John Boykin, Applegate LLC

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