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The information we collect is purely anonymous. We do not collect behind-the-scenes any information about you personally. So there is no personal information about you to sell or share with anyone else.



We do not spam you or enable others to spam you. We use information we collect only for understanding – in general – how people are using the app and to inform decisions about how to make the app and its sister print phrasebook better.


We may collect any or all of the following anonymous information:

  1. Words our users enter in the search box. Why? If very many people search for a word or phrase that we don’t already include, then we know to add it. Knowing actual search terms ensures a more authentic understanding of users’ needs than asking users later to remember what terms they would suggest we add.
  2. Attempts to utilize more than one three-day free trial. Why? Applegate LLC is a tiny company, and this app costs real money to create and maintain. Without enough purchases, we would have to discontinue the app. Three days is plenty of time to decide whether the app is useful. If it’s not, apps are easy to delete. But if it is useful, a couple of dollars to pay for a useful app is trivial. It’s less than a cup of coffee. We are straight with our users; we rely on them to be straight with us.



  1. If you choose to give us your email address, phone number, and/or first name in order to volunteer to participate in a research study or to request notification about our future phrasebook releases, we will store that information and use it solely for the purpose for which you gave it.
  2. If you make an in-app purchase, the usual payment information will need to be collected to complete the purchase. But Applegate LLC will not store that information beyond completion of the transaction or use it for any purpose other than completing the transaction. This, naturally, will mean that you will have to start over from scratch to complete any subsequent purchase within the app, but we consider this preferable to holding on to your information.
  3. It is possible that Applegate LLC and one or more other companies may someday wish to join forces in some kind of partnership. It is possible that some company may someday wish to buy out Applegate LLC’s intellectual property, such as these phrasebooks. It is possible that some legal authority might demand access to the data we have. If such contingencies were ever to arise, we would need to share our aggregate, anonymous information about usage patterns with such potential or actual partners, purchasers, or legal authorities. But none of that information would be traceable to you.


This app comes with a three-day free trial, beginning the first time you launch the app. During those 72 hours, you have unlimited access to and use of the entire app. At the end of 72 hours after launching the app for the first time, you will have to buy the app to continue or resume using it.

The app is suitable for use by English-speaking travelers of any age, but we expect it will be used primarily by adults.


We may update our Privacy Policy from time to time. Since we do not collect your contact information (except as described above), we have no way to notify you about changes. But we will update the privacy policy on the app store where you found this app and on our website, Please check either location periodically if you have any concerns.



Please contact us.


End User License Agreement


The Traveler’s French Cheat Sheet  mobile app is a quick-reference tool intended for English-speaking travelers to French-speaking locations, such as France, Switzerland, and Belgium. It is a phrasebook in glossary form. The unique patent-pending Traveler’s French Cheat Sheet design of combining two glossaries (French-to-English and English-to-French) into a single alphabetical listing makes words and phrases in both languages much easier to look up than they are in old-fashioned phrasebooks, whether delivered via paper or electronic devices.

Users may consult the app for their personal linguistic purposes only. Each user is entitled to a single three-day free trial, after which they must purchase the app in order to continue using it.


By using this app at all, each user agrees not to copy, download, transfer, or otherwise reproduce more than 25 listings into any other electronic context without permission of Applegate LLC. User further agrees that copying, downloading, transferring, or otherwise reproducing more than 25 listings into any other electronic context without permission of Applegate LLC is a violation of Applegate LLC’s intellectual property rights and of applicable laws. User further agrees not to make, post, share, sell, circulate, publish, or otherwise disseminate more than 25 listings for any kind of commercial purpose whatsoever or to make more than 25 listings available to more than ten other people by any means and for any purpose.

No part of this app’s content may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, except brief excerpts for purposes of review, without prior written permission from Applegate LLC.

No user may have more than one three-day free trial.


The content of Traveler’s French Cheat Sheet is copyright © 2024 by John Boykin, Applegate LLC. All rights reserved.

Traveler’s [language] Cheat Sheet is a trademark of John Boykin, Applegate LLC.

The Traveler’s [language] Cheat Sheets’ unique, novel way of organizing information, its template, its design, and its curated vocabulary are patent pending.

Applegate LLC is a California (USA) company. Any legal issues will be addressed through and in keeping with the California legal system.

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© Copyright 2024 John Boykin, Applegate LLC. All rights reserved.

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